Brianna Branine

Buyer Specialist
Office: 316-722-1163
Mobile: 316-941-6788
Fax: 316-722-9024

Brianna is a people person and is a natural fit for real estate sales. She started her career at an early age and never let this be an obstacle for her.  Brianna’s can do attitude earned her the“Rising Star” award her first year in business and she hasn’t slowed down since.  As a Buyer Specialist she has an intimate knowledge of every school, neighborhood, and builder in town.

Many people don’t realize the perky young woman on the other side of the table has unwavering stamina when it comes to looking after her clients. She lets buyers know that she is the professional and her job is not to just open the door to a property.  It is her responsibility to point out issues with the home, discuss resale value, and counsel her buyers on the best offer.

Brianna is a small town girl, with small town values.  Family is important and she makes time to see her parents, nieces and nephew on a regular basis. She has been known to relive her childhood by watching lots of Disney movies and having the occasional dance off with her six year old niece!


 “Our Buyer Specialist, Brianna Branine, was knowledgeable on not only the housing market, but of the workings & structural information of all the homes. This helped me in my decision on the homes.  Very pleased with my purchase and overall experience with Graham Realtors. “ Jacob Behrhorst

“Brianna is excellent in her job.  Very tuned in, responsive, and was supportive every step of the way.” Ronald Merrick & Diane Teinert

 “Brianna listened to us and helped us find everything we wanted in our home. She negotiated and explained everything to us. We could not as for a better agent and team! Graham Realtors is the best.” Dakota & Lizzy Hoffman